Angela Jane Kennedy A month-long research residency. 1st Floor East. High Bridge Studios. Newcastle Upon Tyne UK. 7 June 2011 – 2 July 2011.

"Waiting" A J Kennedy 2011

Blue. A live investigative Performance/Installation

From 2003 Kennedy’s work has investigated the different systems of the body through the experiential training of Body-Mind Centering or ’BMC’ in Massachusetts, Bavaria and Cologne, made possible through two grant awards for Professional Development from Arts Council England.

“I make work through a process of investigations using improvised movement scores arising from site specific spaces. Then translate those responses into installations and performances, often with a live audience”.

‘blue’ – working title. For the High Bridge residency the artist intends to investigate how she will respond to the site through authentic movement practice and how she might embody her physical responses in the skeleton, organ and nervous system.  This might manifest through installation in the form of colour, shape, light , text and time based performance responses.

Alongside these considerations she will continue her long term research into the female archetype in relation to anima, animus and the role of intuition.

Borders of place

Borders of skin

Borders of light


Angela Jane Kennedy  Performance Art  BA (Hons) Middlesex University 1983 – 86. Creative practice – major Fine Art.  BA (Hons). Leeds Metropolitan University 2008. Visiting lecturer, Sunderland University since 1995 and University of Northumbria, 2008-10.

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