Kathleen Boodhai: Studio 1. Ground Floor. Saturdays 1pm – 3pm. July 2 2011 – August 25 2011.

A series of conversations and workshops investigating ‘Contemporary Art & Well-being’.


The aim is to explore interventions between arts practice and well-being and develop ways in which the artist, with the involvement of invited participants, can bring a wide range of professional skill and insight into well-being through a process of dialogue and engagement. One of the aims is to capture and evaluate the impact of art and well-being as a reflective practice. The artist will explore the methodology developed to produce artistic and social outcomes.

In the period April-July, I will research and develop links between contemporary art and well-being. The artist and invited participants will explore the spaces and environment at the building and surrounds, from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective. A response will be produced as an artwork or performance. This process is aimed to provide opportunities for artist and invited participants. A ‘mutual exchange’ will be generated between artist and invited participants to inform the product. The experience will enable development in creative practice. It will identify the way contemporary art in this site-specific environment can be of value to well-being through this unique collaboration and the communication techniques to explore ways in which the process can involve and empower.

“…the arts can facilitate improved communication skills of mental health service users, helping relationships with family and mental health providers; provide ways for people to express themselves, stimulating creativity and enhancing self-esteem” Study by Dr Rosalie  Staricoff (2004)

Report of Mental Well-being Impact Assessment (MWIA), 2010


“There is increasing recognition that people’s health and wellbeing is influenced by a range of interconnecting factors. Indeed, the World Health Organization suggested over 50 years ago that health is a complete state of physical, mental and social wellbeing…”

The Arts, Health & Well-being, The Arts Council England Report  for the Arts Council England’s first national strategy for the arts, health and wellbeing 2000

Kath Boodhai: studied at Northumbria University BA Hons Art History 1995-2000; Newcastle University MA in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Education Studies 2006-2008.Cultural Practitioner in the field of the value of arts and communities ongoing

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