1 thought on “Colour flies out the window

  1. The presence of Angela’s dress was the first sound that I heard shushing across the floor, satin against concrete. This set the tone for a silent elegant start to Blue.
    The large space became the outer body encompassing her own setting up a dialogue between performer and surroundings.
    The windows, a striking aspect of the space became the converation piece between the two elements. The need to open them to let in the air and bring in the outside became part of a ritual.
    A single chair was the only furniture. Angela sat silently her reverie broken by the raucous cries of seagulls which she turned to acknowledge striking up a conversation with the outside. On rising she crawled on all fours then tried frantically to rub the dust from the floor off her hands evoking Lady Macbeth in her red satin dress trying to clean away her sins of murder. This changed the mood of the piece.
    The second prop (a length of sky blue net) she wound around herself, a reference to the Virgin Mary, polar opposites of the myth of womanhood.
    The finale was the unfurling of the net through a window into the courtyard below, a beautiful experience where simplicity unfolded into introspection.

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