Studios screening of ‘Lament of the Empress’ by Pina Bausch – Thursday 22nd July 7pm




An invitation to an informal showing of

 Pina Bausch’s video – ‘Lament of the Empress’


Thursday 23rd June 2011 at 7pm



Everyone welcome!


As part of Angela’s research project and residency ‘blue’, regarding site responsive installation and performance currently on floor 1 of Highbridge, she will be showing a rarely seen video from 1989 of Pina Bausch’s only personally sanctioned work for video – ‘Lament of the Empress’.

Angela would love your thoughts and responses to this seminal and provocative physical theatre piece and its influence on live and performance art now


Pina Bausch’s film directorial debut, set against a funeral march, features dancers and actors in various locations such as the woods, a carpet shop and a greenhouse. There is no formal narrative, rather it is a beautiful collage of changing seasons and moods reflecting the futility of human activity and the perpetual search for love. “The despair is tangible. After all, the film is a lament,” Pina said.


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