Thoughts and links following Pina Bausch

Some interesting article links bleow re some of our discussions re Thursday night and my thoughts on definitions….. – a section from above article re her ‘staged performances’ re her surgery….very interesting re the arguments that theatre is acting and therefore artificial or pretence….  How is taking your clothes off and not engaging with the audience in any way but doing this only in front of an audience ‘not’ a performance or acting?  These artists are still playing the part of the ‘live artist’ – who are attempting to become a empty vessel as it were.  I would argue this is still acting, but only not in a  ‘traditional’ acting format…  Surely it is more about the attempt to be authentic, re Grotowski’s work re the body and body work such as body-mind centreing, authentic movement processes, surely no one method has a monoply on integrity or discpline?  an excerpt below from how international experimental theatre director Peter Brooke works through a process of working authentically with the body:

“What he is describing is non-directional directing. In order for the actor to authentically feel what his character is intended to feel, he must discover those emotions on his own, without the director telling him what they are. The director’s job is then to attempt to call forth existing emotions within the actor. If this can be done successfully, then an authentic human connection will be made between the actor and audience.”…… – some info on ‘Authentic movment’ processes….

A last thought re my own processes; why do the different processes within ‘live’ and ‘performance’ have to seen competively?  I feel I sit somewhere between these two worlds, and in the end I want to be true to myself, that is all i can do.  My practice is an ongoing proccess of finding ways to become completely emodied as a human being, with the background discipline and rigour of working and listening to the body and its processes, while rejecting the facist tendencies in some of those techniques and/or the methods in which they were taught, which were part of that world and training. My practice is to express something through investigating what is real and meaningful for me presently and to find ways to do that through installation, colour, performance and in this instance, text too.   This is my own challenge, how might I bring these elements together and find a way to do that with integrity….  ongoing….

Angela x

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