Reflections: 1 week later.

“Exactly a week since the performance and informal feedback.  Not quite so exhausted as i felt earlier in the week.
Very helpful and positive feedback, 21 in the audience and on reflection still could have took more time, waited more.
but, after a long time out – many years of waiting, injury, disability and bringing up two children, I am now, curiously, returning to performing.  not what i imagined, but in a very different guise; another degree, in fine art –  since being an experimental dance artist in the 80’s and early 90’s.  now, with my beginning again last year through the fabulous ’25sg’ live art residency, i feel with ‘blue’ it, my practice, is still ongoing, inter-disciplinary, feminist, there is progress in process.
great to have an audience. it changes everything.
apart from the security guard locking my exit into the space for the performance and having to find the emergency stairs!- I felt it was ok..
next time, even more distillation..  ”

Blue A.Kennedy 2011

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