Reflections: Week 1. 02.07.2011

I was surprised to find my location, and get into position so quickly.

I curled around  the balustrade of the scissor staircase on the central landing between 2nd and 3rd floors. Without considering this too closely I had  intuitively headed for the most central point of the main buliding. Before the architectural refurbishment of Wards Building this location would  be the centre point of the courtyard void.

Preparation for this research, which will take place for 2 hours on 8 consecutive saturday afternnons between 1.30pm and 3.30pm has included what I should wear. Two considerations have influenced this; the visual image created by my body upon the architectural landscape I will be researching; and the inexvitable cultural referencesset set-up by clothes we wear.

I have chosen to wear my blue painting ‘house-coat’ or domestic overall. Undearneath I am wearing a cotton petticoat that belonged to my Mum, and fit’s me perfectly. I have decided to wear shoes -not sure why, bear-feet would reveal the souls of my feet, maybe I should try this next week? My legs and arms will be uncovered as I want to feel the surfaces of the building upon my skin.

I may have got this all wrong. This is the first performative work I have undertaken. I hope someone comes along to take photographs, so I can reflet on this.

My position around the balustarde was semi-feotal, this is how i like to fall asleep, and because of this I close my eyes to begin with. After a while I recall a conversation with Angela about a performance she went to recently bu Allistair Mclellan at 25SG. His eyes were shut during the performance. We discussed the impact of engaging with audiences or viewers when performing through eye contact. I opened my eyes and this is what i could see:

Artists's view. 02.07.2011

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