Week 1

Initially the space is intimidating – it`s vast!  The first thing I do is a drawing of the space , one at each end.  The next day I take many photos. Helen took one of me on the first day sitting on a chair at the end with the big windows: this image says it all: my human scale is dwarfed in the space. My first impression, because of the many pillars is that of an underground car park. My initial proposal for this residency was based on works I had done in the early 1980s: I was fascinated by anamorphosis (stretched images, like the skull in Holbein`s `The Ambassadors`).   I connected these  images to beams of frozen  projected light.  The images which I drew on walls could only make sense from a single viewpoint and these works ended up as photographs: the single `eye` of the camera aided the flattening of space which `made sense` of the image. In the space at Wards my proposal was to paint on the pillars and walls and mount a live feed surveillance camera with a monitor showing the flattened image. Given the length of time and the size of the space I decided to leave the painting, which would have to be painted over after the residency, but it seemed appropriate to use a surveillance camera. My proposal after all was a starting point which I knew would develop differently once I spent time in the actual space.  I then bought a surveillance camera and a small monitor to play with.







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