Week 2

Connecting  up the surveillance camera and monitor took some time: the only electricity socket turned out to be outside the space in the corridor by the toilet: many extension leads were needed to get things working. The camera was on the floor by my feet and the monitor on my lap.   At last an image, but one I could not make sense of.  What I was seeing was a lop- sided, fuzzy image image from underneath my chair.  The unexpected colours of the white space turned out to be a soft pink/blue/purple as picked up by the camera and monitor!   What appealed to me was that  surveillance equipment could provide such an ambiguous  looking image. Here was my starting point – Iwould represent  the space as seen on  the monitor from positions normally occupied by surveillance cameras. The main problem with this was getting the camera high enough without fixing it with brackets to the pillars, and I did not want to buy enough cameras to fill the space sufficiently.   An answer came with the borrowing of a high step ladder on which I gaffer taped the camera.  I could move the ladder around to get the kind of angles and directions I could use. I decided that my medium should be water colour.














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