Week 4

I`m enjoying the process of painting more now: amongst the clumsiness and frustration are moments where I get thorougly involved in what I am doing, so that time passes quickly. I am also positioning the camera so that the image is composed more aeshetically. Interesting to note that the image loses its pinkish bluish hue on the monitor when the camera is positioned where the daylight is lowest.  I suspect that the camera, because it is 24 hour surveillance, reverts to black and white in low light conditions. Nearing the end of the residency I am mindful of  how to present the work to the audience, and am playing with attaching the paintings on the same pillar the camera was positioned near.  This would mean two images per pillar, corresponding to the two camera directions (gaffer tape is stuck to the floor to signify where the step ladder legs have been).   I stuck the paintings up as I progressed through the space, which led to them appearing as blurry ovals in the paintings which followed. This seemed too confusing visually so finally I decided to put each painting on the pillar depicted in that particular image.   In the last days of the residency I am aware of feeling more relaxed and mixing less white gouache in with the watercolour paint.  My penultimate painting shows more dexterity or at least familiarity with the way that I can achieve the blurring I initially aimed for a couple of weeks ago.   For my closing reception, in order to give a sense of the ongoing   nature of project, the painting table and monitor are left with an unfinished painting display




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