These comments are from the group of around 10 artists who attended the open studio on the last day of the residency. I was allowed to keep the work in the space for a while after the residency and  there were also 4 other individual artists who came to the studio over the following week.   It was mentioned that the work showed a methodology rather than a finished piece, and that it could be repeated in future in different spaces.  Others were intrigued by how the paintings would look displayed on their own, once the residency had finished.  I will try this despite my feeling that the paintings are a part of the whole piece and are, in a way, site-specific. My doubts about  the quality of the paintings were allayed by positive responses from the painters in the group.   There was a general feeling that this residency has opened up a more fluid way of working for me, and I was pleased that I had used the residency as I had hoped: to move forward rather than re-making work from my past.  In spite of this one artist felt that the transition from one medium to another, as well as the importance of the camera viewpoint, echoed some of my earlier work. The element of time in the work had not been fully explored, although it was implicit, and it was suggested that it might be possible to make the work during the time when the surveillance camera would revert to its night-time mode.   The only problem would be light to paint by!   One photographer friend understood the work immediately and that I had subverted the supposed `catching of reality` implied by surveillance equipment.   He also felt that there was a kind of madness in me sitting at the small table painting in such a large space.  I did enjoy the absurdity of  the situation.   It was suggested that because the process rather that the paintings  was  the main point of the residency, the studio- like set up of the table itself was the key part of it.   Each painting in process could have been photographed on the table with its attendant monitor image.  This would have led to a photographic series of works.  Perhaps something to  explore in future.  All together I found this residency a positive experience and I was fortunate in having no brief, but developing my own.

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