poetry meaning performance

I was pleasantly surprised that my month long residency at the first floor at Highbridge during July  inspired me to write so regularly.  Often the space was dark, stuffy, dusty.  Once my ritual of opening all of the many windows each day was done and I sat in my the space, listening to the sound of the city and the calling seagulls, my long term habit of  writing in  my journal seemed to give me a course of thought and contemplation that was needed to create.  The large old physical space encouraged a physical response and as my work is rooted in responding to the processes of the body and responding to those, a certain flow seemed to come about. 

I found the final evening with Kath,  meeting the group, the groups work, showing Helen’s blog and work, seeing Davids work again and people sitting watching my video of ‘blue’, enabled a certain finishing of a beginning, of a kind of circle. 

Then reading all of my writing out loud and hearing my own voice say the words – which I didn’t do on the evening of the performance – (I had the text put up around the space), hearing the rhythms of the words and sentences in that space where they were thought and produced, surprised  me and gave a new sense and weight to the work I didn’t expect. Particularly the audiences responses and questions, which were very stimulating.   Maybe this goes once again  back to the debate about performance, what it is, does it matter where and how it is performed?   These were questions which we began to explore and discuss after the Pina Bausch showing, at the beginning of the project,  though the conversations were much more about meaning and content I believe – particularly with the airing of very differing views regarding performance  from the Live art and Performance art worlds and the understanding of what performance might or could be…  specifically beginning to debate what is performance, acting, action, and artifice.  Of which I have very clear views with regard to how the performer is regarded by using the body as a means of expression, what those pitfalls might be cming from the performance art and dance world and the power of expression the body holds, particualry as a woman in this society and the codes and boundaries we find we have to work with and around.  How we might challenge those and not compormise our ownselves as performers – in particular women performers who are interested in their work having integrity .  What is authentic?  What is real?  What is exploitative of yourself and/or others?

This is a conversation I would very much like to continue and explore,  particularly in relation to site and site responsive work which I am heavily engaged with currently a performance  installation artist who also writes.  It has been great to be part of something larger where we can begin to ask questions with respect and integrity of one another and make a beginning to possibly forge some deeper links to one anothers practice.  Also, through Kath and her generous group of visitors to the artists at Highbridge, an opportunity to develop other conversations that enable another context for the work to be seen and accessed thrugh which I feel has enabled a bringing of other meanings to the work, the world and a certain mindfulnessof our art and practice.

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About drawntoblue

I am multi-disciplinary artist working in movement, dance, installation, sculpture, performance and video, as well as painting. My work is about process and the body. I make work through a process of investigations using improvised movement scores arising from site specific spaces. Then translate those responses into installations and performances, often with a live audience. From 2003 my work has investigated the different body systems through the experiential training of Body-Mind Centering or ’BMC’ in the USA and Germany made possible through two grant wards for Professional Development from Arts Council England. Since 1986 I have made over twenty five pieces of performance and dance theatre and I have had two solo exhibitions of paintings. I am a freelance artist for Baltic and have 25 years experience of working with the arts in diverse communities

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