Day before the Performance or Live Art Event ?



“day before the performance and I’m still nursing an old dance injury

its strange, i realise had felt it coming for weeks and then walking  too many hills, it just said enough is enough i guess

so with public sector workers out on strike – good for them, and unable to go along and show my solidarity i’m moaning on here instead and trying to ‘rest’..!

however, having some enforced stillness – relatively – with two sons at home,  one of which is a teenager, finding myself  landing in a place getting ready, preparing to show my work to others… it is a good space, waiting, collecting..

Interesting debate at highbridge studios last week re performance, after i showed some bits from an old videopiece of pina bauschs ‘lament of the empress’ from 1989.  people debating what is performance, what is artiface, what is acting and what is live art?… some very healthy questions but i was I naively shocked at some peoples understanding and ideas around this subject.  it just goes to show…. it made me do some more research on the subject though and find lots more definitions.

luckily i hung all the text on Monday, so just got the performance now: ‘blue’ – tomorrow Friday 1st July at 7.30pm, first floor highbridge studios newcastle upon tyne – for any one who wants to come along, with informal discussion and refresments after! ”

Angela x

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